What are cookies?

Every time you visit a website for the first time, your Internet browser downloads a small text file (called cookies) that stores the Internet settings on your computer. Every time you decide to visit this website again from the same device, cookies will find their way back to the original website and acknowledge that you were there before. The type of information we collect as a result of our acceptance of our cookies is specific to your computer and includes the IP address, the date and time the computer visited the website and what parts of our website you saw. This information is of course anonymous. It represents a computer and not an individual.

Improve your browsing experience with cookies

Cookies are used to enhance your browsing experience when you return to a website. How; They are smart cookies. They remember your preferences and the way you used the site, which results in the display of content related to your personal interests and needs.

Absolutely necessary cookies

Some cookies are absolutely necessary, as you could not use the website in the desired way without them. Cookies are stored on your computer while you are browsing the website. Without these specific cookies, you would not be able to save your decision regarding the use of cookies on our website. Your consent is not required for the use of these strictly necessary cookies.

Browse Enhancement Cookies that need your consent

Some cookies are not necessary, but they could make your browsing experience very convenient. Consider pre-filled forms and language settings. Without your consent, you will have to confirm this each time you change pages.

I do not want cookies

Of course you have the choice not to give your consent or withdraw it. This way, you will be able to visit our website, however, you will only see the features of the website that do not require cookies. If you wish to visit the website with full functionality, then you can give your consent and use all the features offered by our website.

Categories of cookies

These are the four types of cookies based on their function and purpose: absolutely necessary cookies, function cookies, browsing cookies and marketing cookies.

Absolutely necessary cookies

These cookies are absolutely necessary for you to browse the website and use its functions. Without these cookies some functions of the website are not available. For example, when you fill out a form, go to another page and want to go back to the previous form to provide additional or different information, the information you have already submitted is not kept without these cookies.

Function Cookies

These cookies store information that you enter on the website (such as your username or location) in order to specify and personalize the functions offered by the website. For example, if you enter your current location, the site will show you the nearby agents and save the information for your next visit to the site. These cookies collect anonymous information and can not record your movements on other websites.

Browse Cookies

These Cookies record your browsing activity, e.g. which pages you open frequently or if you receive error messages while browsing. These Cookies do not attempt to identify the user, but are strictly used to improve the browsing experience and overall operation of the website.

Marketing cookies

These cookies allow you to view ads and information that is right for you, based on your browsing history. But in order not to be overwhelmed by ads, cookies also limit your exposure to specific ads and can measure the relevance of an advertising campaign. Cookies state that you have visited a website and may share this information with potential advertisers on the website. Conversely, these companies can provide information about the functionality of the website, which is related to improving the targeting of the advertising campaign.