Living room. The space we spend most of our time every day. The space used for cocooning, to meet friends and loved ones, but also for business visits.

In this category there are some of the living room furniture, proposed by our company, to decorate your living room. Three-seater sofa, two-seater sofa, corner sofa and armchairs with modern and timeless design, coffee tables, furniture for TV and all multimedia, furniture-composition to beautify your walls, shelves, bookshelves, benches and stools. Beautiful proposals, modern design that can create an elegant and functional space in your living room.

Modern quality furniture for the living room of Greek & Italian or European origin. All the furniture for the living room of our company meets the European specifications and standard and is accompanied by a written quality guarantee if you wish.

Decorate and enjoy the space of your living room with the modern furniture for the Oikade living room.

Our specialized staff will give you solutions for any problem you face regarding the decoration of your living room.

With the custom constructions in our living room furniture and with our excellent upholstery fabrics, you will create the result that expresses you and the sofa or the living room that you will get will be exactly what you want.

You will also be given suggestions for colors and designs in living room furniture that will complete your space decor.

You will find a wide range of designs on coffee tables for living room, wall composition, TV furniture, shelves and bookshelves and lighting fixtures to complete the decoration of your living room.