Design For The People

The brand Design For The People (Est. 2015) creates award-winning Danish design lighting that unites aesthetics, simplicity and functionality with good design, quality light and materials that can last a lifetime.

All designed by Danish designers. Affordable design that enhances our lives and the spaces around us, creating a relaxing feel and atmosphere. Each year her collection offers central pendant lights and easy-to-install products that are both contemporary and rooted in the Danish design tradition.

It creates timeless lighting that you will appreciate more and more as time goes on. Her innovations reflect fresh inspiration and innovation – a perfect balance between Danish design tradition and technology. The products are made to last - as timeless pieces that you will appreciate for many years.

DFTP strives to create beautiful, high-quality designs in close collaboration with renowned Danish designers. Over the years, this vision has led to multiple prestigious design awards for its products.